We turn ideas
into products

and deliver ready-to-use wireframes

As a founder or product owner, you've heard many times that "execution is everything". But what exactly do you need to execute? Which features, why, for whom? In a digital project, there is a lot to prepare before writing code.

We specialize in a strategic part of creating digital products: the design. Not the design of how things look, but the design of how things work.

Do you have an ambitious product idea? Are you working on a new startup? We can help you design your killer features, and produce the supports to communicate your vision.


We assist founders and product owners with:

User experience design
We design features that your users will enjoy adopting. Simple and elegant, delivered as Sketch wireframes.

Functional requirements
We write specifications that your dev team will love to work with. Redacted as user stories, with screenshots and personas.

We create high fidelity interactive prototypes. Ideal for concept validation, usability tests, or demos to investors.

Data visualizations
We help you select the right KPIs for your business. Delivered as designs or functional Google Data Studio dashboards.


People usually appreciate working with us:


Former COO
LinkedIn   Twitter

Julien is a top digital expert, combining both solid technical skills with clear pragmatism and operational talent. Very easy to work with. I personnally really appreciated working with Julien during his last 3 years @ Leadformance.

Julien Ampollini
Co-founder & CEO @Funbooker

I have worked for about 8 months with Julien on the same project and I want to testify on his qualities : pro-active approach, creativity to find solutions and efficiency to implement them.

Also, he is very pleasant to get along with and always brought a good spirit in the team.

Philippe Grand
Directeur de clientèle chez Agence Wacan
Associé chez ZEMAP - LaCarte

We had the opportunity to work with Julien on a marketplace project built on rubedo. Julien is a seasoned professional with a strong results-oriented focus and a positive and proactive mindset. Definitely a great person to work with, either as a supplier or co-worker.

Didier Fanchon
Co-founder & CEO - WebTales

I have known Julien for 10 years now and he's probably the smartest man I ever met. He has a talent to make you understand every parameter you need and always finds a way to get the best of every project. He's also very kind and can handle his teammates with great respect and empathy. I wish I work with him again someday.

Damien Belleville
Expert Lead UI artist at Ubisoft Annecy


Former Product Director

Bastien is a great guy, true caliber. I have complete respect for and trust in him as a professional. When we worked together he held such a confident grasp on everything that everyone felt driven and free to do their best knowing blockers, changes and issues would just naturally be taken care of. He has this ability to focus direction and explain requirements so well that tasks were fun and felt effortless.

It took me a while to write this recommendation. It's always hard summarise a person in a way that has meaning in a professional setting. But for me, it's simple: Bastien is a pleasure to work with and he makes my job enjoyable and valued. Can't ask for much more than that.

I truly look forward to being able to work alongside him again.

Charles Hardy
Director, Software Engineering at General Assembly

Bastien was the manager of the product team which I was part of at my time at Leadformance. I can say that this team was the most efficient one that I ever worked with and I'm convinced that Bastien is the reason for that .

Our team was multinational and distributed across several countries and Bastien managed to get everyone on board of the same boat. We rowed together at full speed and thanks to Bastien and his tremendous interpersonal skills, we always knew exactly in which direction we were going.

His technical, business and design knowledge allowed him to intake a lot of information. Therefore, he made well informed and balanced decisions which were easily understood and followed through with by me and the rest of the team.

At the same time Bastien explored new technologies, potential partnerships, APIs, products, collaboration tools and our backlog was never empty thanks to him.

I'd be very happy to work with Bastien again in the future.

Tawan Sierek
Software Development Engineer at Amazon

Working with Bast over these years has made me a better designer, and surprisingly, a better front-end developer.

For four years we collaborated together to solve design problems through sketching, creating wireframes, and building out prototypes.

His ability to in vision all scenarios when it came to creating a user workflow amazed me. I constantly asked myself, "Why didn't I think of that?".

Before I met Bast, my skill-set was pretty limited. Now I am confident enough to edit and push code. I could not have asked for a better person to work with.

Chanh Nguyen
Frontend Developer at Objective Inc

You have a project? Bastien is your man!

I don't know anyone who can be more passionate and involved in a project. He's indefatigable in anything that he takes on... product, management, development, etc.

Bastien has been a key person in the Leadformance team. He was responsible of managing a team of ~10 developers in an agile process and improving a product with a lot of customers.

He's intelligent, pragmatic, hard-working and, most importantly, an excellent person.

Romain Sempé
Ruby on Rails software engineer


We have a 10+ year history of designing digital products together. It started with our master's degrees in interactive design at Gobelins. We then joined the same companies.

Startup experience

We played key roles in the success of the SaaS startup Leadformance, from its creation in 2008 to its acquisition by Solocal Group in 2014. We were respectively in charge of:

  • Customer operations (Julien) – Managing the customer lifecycle, from onboarding to support, with a team of project managers and front-end developers.
  • Product (Bastien) – Driving the product strategy using the feedbacks from operations and sales. Building the platform with a team of designers and back-end developers.

When we left in 2015, the company had:

  • A product used by 300,000 stores in 100+ countries.
  • A clients list of 180 leading brands covering every industry, including: Dior, L’Oréal, Kiehl's, Kérastase, Clarks, Minelli, Panasonic, LG, Orange, SFR, Virgin Mobile, Oxbow, Quiksilver, Timberland, Subaru, Ducati, Midas, Euromaster ...

We have many years of practice:

  • Translating business needs into powerful features
  • Writing functional requirements
  • Working with teams where all developers are remote
  • Delivering projects to prestigious brands and large retailers

We're used to international teams:

  • We lived in India for 1.5 years, where we were in charge of a developement team
  • We've built applications with engineers from the US, UK, Austria, Slovenia, Poland, Latvia, Canada, Ukraine ... and of course, France 🇫🇷.

Why trust us?

We're generalists
Our technical and operational experience makes us better designers. We have a good intuition of which choices could lead to nightmares for your developers – or your support team.

We're a team
You can assume that anything we deliver has been double-checked. Being two means that we can iterate between us and catch issues before involving you. Great for speed, quality, and saving your time.

We care
If we selected your project, we believe in its potential. We like challenges and are excited to contribute to an ambitious objective. We want you to succeed.

Contact us

We live in the south-east of France, near Lyon, Grenoble and Geneva.

We'd love to hear from you at:
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For consulting work:

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  • Collaboration works best if you are in a European timezone

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