They enjoyed working with us. ❤️

I love working with them. They are highly competent in design, engineering, and project management.

Everything they produce is super clean and they respect the deadlines. They deliver high-quality work, with an exceptional attention to details.

They are truly dependable. They are among the few collaborators I can trust with a mission while knowing I won't need to verify.

They are always serious in their work, respectful, and 100% honest.

Pierre-André Pochon

CEO - Co-Founder - GTRSuite


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Julien is a dynamic, professional, well-organized project manager and a tech guru, who accompanied Cathay's group website redesign and restructure project in 2019-2020. You'll surely be in good hands if you're a client of Julien's. Hope all the bests for your future ventures!
Yakun WANG

Head of Communication and Marketing at Cathay Capital

Source: LinkedIn

Julien is a top digital expert, combining both solid technical skills with clear pragmatism and operational talent. Very easy to work with. I personnally really appreciated working with Julien during his last 3 years @ Leadformance.
Julien Ampollini

Co-founder & CEO @Funbooker
Former Directeur Général Adjoint at Solocal Group

Source: LinkedIn

I have worked for about 8 months with Julien on the same project and I want to testify on his qualities : pro-active approach, creativity to find solutions and efficiency to implement them.

Also, he is very pleasant to get along with and always brought a good spirit in the team.

Philippe Grand

Chef d'entreprise Esterel WEB

Source: LinkedIn

We had the opportunity to work with Julien on a marketplace project built on rubedo. Julien is a seasoned professional with a strong results-oriented focus and a positive and proactive mindset. Definitely a great person to work with, either as a supplier or co-worker.

Didier Fanchon

Co-founder & CEO - WebTales

Source: LinkedIn

I have known Julien for 10 years now and he's probably the smartest man I ever met. He has a talent to make you understand every parameter you need and always finds a way to get the best of every project. He's also very kind and can handle his teammates with great respect and empathy. I wish I work with him again someday.

Damien Belleville

Presentation director at Ubisoft Annecy

Source: LinkedIn


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Professionnalisme, Plaisir et Efficacité ! Ce sont les termes qui me viennent à l'esprit quand je pense à Bastien.

Professionnalisme car Bastien a une très grande maîtrise de son métier, de l'écosystème digital. Son spectre de connaissances, de compétences est assez impressionnant. Doté d'une vraie volonté d'apprendre, ce spectre évolue sans cesse avec les dernières tendances.

Plaisir car Bastien transmet son plaisir de travailler à l'équipe qu'il encadre, qu'il conseille et accompagne. Chaque développeur, chaque designer de l'entreprise éprouve un véritable plaisir à collaborer dans un projet géré par Bastien.

Efficacité car les objectifs sont atteints, les délais sont tenus. La mission confiée est parfaitement remplie.

Je recommande sans hésiter Bastien !

Geoffroy Mailly

COO at GTR Suite
Former responsable marketing international at Ekosport

Source: Malt

Nous avons à ce jour collaboré deux fois, Bastien et moi, et mon verdict après ces deux expériences est le même :

D'un point de vue technique : Bastien est une machine de précision, et ne laisse pas la moindre place au hasard, ni à l'interprétation. Les spécifications techniques qu'il est capable de créer sont, et de très loin, les meilleures dont il m'ait été donné de me servir dans mon expérience professionnelle. Il n'hésite pas à solliciter l'ensemble des acteurs impliqués dans un projet pour en tirer la moindre information de valeur qui en fluidifiera la réalisation.

D'un point de vue humain : Bastien est une personne bienveillante et positive. Il est toujours à l'écoute des retours de ses collaborateurs, et n'hésite pas à s'effacer si l'on vient à lui proposer une idée différente de celle qu'il pouvait avoir de prime abord.

En résumé, c'était (et j'espère que ça sera à nouveau dans le futur) un vrai plaisir que de travailler avec lui. Je vous le recommande chaudement.

Jérémie Kaszub

Front-End Developer at GTR Suite

Source: Malt

Bastien is a great guy, true caliber. I have complete respect for and trust in him as a professional. When we worked together he held such a confident grasp on everything that everyone felt driven and free to do their best knowing blockers, changes and issues would just naturally be taken care of. He has this ability to focus direction and explain requirements so well that tasks were fun and felt effortless.

It took me a while to write this recommendation. It's always hard summarise a person in a way that has meaning in a professional setting. But for me, it's simple: Bastien is a pleasure to work with and he makes my job enjoyable and valued. Can't ask for much more than that.

I truly look forward to being able to work alongside him again.

Chuck Hardy

Head Of Engineering at Salesroom

Source: LinkedIn

Bastien was the manager of the product team which I was part of at my time at Leadformance. I can say that this team was the most efficient one that I ever worked with and I'm convinced that Bastien is the reason for that.

Our team was multinational and distributed across several countries and Bastien managed to get everyone on board of the same boat. We rowed together at full speed and thanks to Bastien and his tremendous interpersonal skills, we always knew exactly in which direction we were going.

His technical, business and design knowledge allowed him to intake a lot of information. Therefore, he made well informed and balanced decisions which were easily understood and followed through with by me and the rest of the team.

At the same time Bastien explored new technologies, potential partnerships, APIs, products, collaboration tools and our backlog was never empty thanks to him.

I'd be very happy to work with Bastien again in the future.

Tawan Sierek

Co-Founder Space Punch
Former Software Development Engineer at Amazon

Source: LinkedIn

Working with Bast over these years has made me a better designer, and surprisingly, a better front-end developer.

For four years we collaborated together to solve design problems through sketching, creating wireframes, and building out prototypes.

His ability to in vision all scenarios when it came to creating a user workflow amazed me. I constantly asked myself, "Why didn't I think of that?".

Before I met Bast, my skill-set was pretty limited. Now I am confident enough to edit and push code. I could not have asked for a better person to work with.

Chanh Nguyen

Software Engineer at Weedmaps
Former Front-end Developer at Objective

Source: LinkedIn

You have a project? Bastien is your man!

I don't know anyone who can be more passionate and involved in a project. He's indefatigable in anything that he takes on... product, management, development, etc.

Bastien has been a key person in the Leadformance team. He was responsible of managing a team of ~10 developers in an agile process and improving a product with a lot of customers.

He's intelligent, pragmatic, hard-working and, most importantly, an excellent person.

Romain Sempé

Ruby on Rails software engineer

Source: LinkedIn

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