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Collect exceptional testimonials
from your customers

and use them to spread the word about your product

If you run a SaaS business, you know the value of a great testimonial. It's a powerful way to help a prospective customer overcome their objections. Testimonials create trust, and help you sell.

88% of consumers
trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

46% of B2B buyers
rely on customer references when purchasing business software

Unfortunately, providing great service does not guarantee receiving great testimonials. Customers often don't reply. They provide content that's too short, or poorly written. They respond with quotes that look flattering, but have no impact on your conversion rates.

We help you collect detailed and authentic testimonials. We then maximize their potential by letting you share and reward

Stop missing great testimonial opportunities

There is an ideal moment to ask your customers for a testimonial. It should be just after they experience a "wow" moment with your product. Asking too early – or too late! – hurts your chances to receive your customer's endorsement.

We let you send testimonials invites manually or automatically. Start turning customer statisfaction into remarkable testimonials that help you make more sales.

Get the best story from each customer

It's awesome when a customer agrees to a testimonial, but they are also busy. Their answer may be short and uninspired. They may not think of mentioning your key benefits. They may forget to include any metrics.

Could you guide them into providing the original details that make a great story? If they lack inspiration, could you suggest a few ideas to get them started?

We help you extract the most powerful arguments from your customers' experiences. We ask precise questions and provide examples to overcome writing blocks.

Create high-quality marketing content

Using content written by others for your marketing has its challenges. Your customers may have amazing things to say about your product, but poor writing skills. They may include spelling mistakes. They may provide quotes of very different length, creating layout issues.

You need to have some editing power over the endorsement's quote. You want to use your customers' authentic words, but control how they are presented.

We let you compose the final quote from your customers' best feedback. Pick their most interesting arguments, fix spelling mistakes, and then get their approval of the end result.

Turn testimonials into business cases

Collect metrics and segment your testimonials

Testimonials can look less credible when they lack metrics like increased traffic, sales, or conversions. Metrics contribute to remove doubts and help demonstrate a product's value.

As you collect more testimonials, you will also need to start segmenting them. Enterprise prospects want to read about the experience of similar customers. Smaller companies prefer to filter out feedback from large corporations.

We help you collect metrics and segment testimonials by categories. Maximize the potential of each endorsement by including convincing details.

Share your customers' love with the world

Testimonials are an ideal content to share on your web properties: website, social media account, blog. They they can also play a persuasive role in newsletters, direct emails, display ads, or sales presentations.

But formatting your customers' quotes for each use and platform takes work.

We generate images at the right size for each destination. Start including testimonials in your content marketing strategy and spread the word about your customers' happiness.

Encourage customers to share their testimonial

Testimonials help sell to prospective customers who are already in your audience. But the most stellar testimonials won't bring you new leads. What if you could benefit from your customers' own social media audience?

We let you create rewards to encourage customers to share their testimonials. Boost exposure by having them post on review websites dedicated to software. Use word-of-mouth marketing to reach new prospective customers outside your audience.

Can we help?

Do you feel like you could improve how you collect and share testimonials?

If you run a SaaS business, we'd love to help. Share your pains – and dreams! – about managing testimonials with us at [email protected].

Looking forward to reading you!

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