Customer Reviews Visualization for Google Data Studio

This is a Google Data Studio Community Visualization for customer reviews. Use it to add your latest reviews to a report.

Here is how it looks in a report:

View demo Data Studio report

How to add this visualization to your report

1- Add your reviews as a data source

This visualization is designed to work with typical customer reviews data: ID, name, date, rating, comment. As an example, our demo report uses the data from this sample Google Sheet, through the Google Sheets connector.

2- Activate community visualizations

On your reviews data source, set "Community visualizations access" to "On".

3-Add the visualization

Manifest path: gs://baguette-gds-viz/customer-review
Component ID: review

4- Connect your data

Connect each data field to the corresponding field in your data source.

Review ID(1)
Dimension – String or Number It's not displayed anywhere. It's just here to be sure that records don't get accidentally aggregated if you ever have 2 reviews with the same name/date/comment/rating.

Review date(2)
Dimension – Date at the YYYYMMDD format.

Review name(3)
Dimension – String

Review comment(4)
Dimension – String

Metric – Number between 0 and 5 Decimals are rounded to the lower half-star. For example, 3.2 is displayed as 3 stars, 4.6 is displayed as 4 stars and a half.

5- Sort by date

Sort your data by descending date so that the most recent reviews appear first.

6- Repeat this process

Add more instances of this visualization for multiple reviews. To define which review to display (latest review, latest - 1, latest - 2  ...), select an offset value (1st, 2nd, 3rd ...) in the style tab:

7- Customize the style

This visualization should work well with themes. Feel free to add borders and backgrounds to match the style of your report.


December 3, 2019: Change the review selection input from a text to a select field December 2, 2019: Release the first version of this visualization

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